Developing A Business

Posted by on August 21, 2016

The funny thing about slowly developing a business is that it really is up to you when you take steps. In 2016, my goals centre around my graduate studies.


In 2017, I will be looking toward more business. But what business?


That is the great thing about deciding to undertake further study. You get exposed to new ideas and of course new people, but you also learn about areas that are a bit different from what you are used to.


Developing A Business


As you may have been able to guess, my undergraduate degree is in Anthropology. I’ve tried graduate studies in both writing and communications, but left the degrees as they weren’t what I was looking for. And then by somewhat of a fluke, I found the University of Newcastle’s graduate programs in Social Change and Development earlier this year and it clicked. And so far, while there have been challenges, it has been what I call a good brain sweat. It’s nice to be learning again. It’s nice to be in more of a sociological area this year, as there is a more practical focus that I have always found is lacking in anthropology courses.


Developing A Business


So where will this lead me in developing a business? Right now, I have a number of ideas. But as my focus is on virtual work for the lifestyle that I need and want to lead, it’s interesting to think about what traditionally in-person roles can be made virtual without any loss. And I think there are more than people probably would like to admit at the moment.


I suppose the very long answer to this is a big “we’ll see” where this leads me. I need to catch up with old colleagues and managers¬†and start the discussion that the jobs previously done in person can be done virtually. They can be done on a contract basis to cover leave, or in peak periods. I’m interested to see where the idea of virtual anthropology work will take both the industry and myself.


Do you do virtual work in your industry? 


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