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Posted by on January 23, 2018

It’s a pet peeve of mine – when I was looking for jobs, I would see roles titled “People and Culture” adviser (or similar). It seems that Human Resources jobs aren’t satisfied with their titles and have ‘decorated’ them with the word culture in previous years.


The problem I had with these roles is that despite the “cultural development” responsibilities that the roles supposedly included, there was no evidence of needing to understand cultural development in the position description.


Now, I am sometimes a … prickly … person. I do like to ask the questions that people hate to hear (aren’t most anthropologists that way?). So one day, I did send a prickly, (but not impolite!) email asking for further explanation of the role as it mention cultural responsibilities in the title, but the position description did not cover what these were. No reply. I guess a fancy title was all it was.


I’m always happy to be proven wrong – so tell me, do you know of any Human Resources professionals with true cultural responsibilities?


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