Services Offered


Project Design and Evaluation

You’ve got a great idea. Maybe even some funding. You know who you want to help and have a good idea how. But the difference between a great project and a transformational project is in the details. By working together to create or review your project (including such things as survey design and techniques), we can take your project from good to great.

  • Rates from $80/hr.¬†



With a very wide range of work experience (you can read more here) I am able to consult on matters of:

  • Community Outreach
  • Cultural Heritage Management


I also have a passion for giving insights into working conditions and corporate image from an anthropological point of view. We can work together on:

  • Company Culture Development/Redevelopment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Why consulting/coaching/creation? This hybrid model means that I can impart my experiences onto you (the consulting part) while also guiding you (the coaching part) to find and answer the questions to create (the creating part) a long term solution for your problem. I’m not a “one size fits all” person and a hybrid approach allows me to work flexibly with your needs and goals.

  • Rates from $150/hr


General Freelancing

I’m an overview and strategic person at heart. Other things I can do include:

  • General research assistant work
  • Structural/developmental editing – also known as the “does this paragraph fit here or here?” type of editing.
  • Providing an overview and basic training in social media – I would love to see more socially responsible businesses share their goodness on social media.
  • Initial research – perfect for insight into a related research area, funding proposal¬†and similar types of projects.
  • Basic video editing – I’m not Kubrick but if you need a video for your website or social media, I can help.
  • Content creation – need a newsletter, blog post or review? I’ve been writing online since the early 2000s!


Every business is different so if you want to learn more about how I can help you, shoot me an email at vanessa AT virtualanthropologist DOT com and we can talk about how to work together. Fees on this page are a guide; packages and retainers to suit your needs can be created with consideration to the nature and frequency of the work.


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